Airport Vaccination Center (AVC) is a digital platform and app solution for rapid vaccine distribution. Pharmaceutical and health organizations can administer vaccines programs quickly, safely and fairly.

Our vision

Open up the world economies and allow people to safely connect again

We are on a mission to help open up the world and allow people to safely connect again. Creating a society in which tests and vaccinations are accessible to everyone. We use SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud technology and data to build the shortest possible route between the supply of critical vaccines and the demands of a public that wants to choose what, when and where they can be vaccinated. The patented AVC platform and app provide a fast-track solution to open up the world’s economies.

AVC’s digital innovation solutions help you:

  • To open up the world and allow people to connect safely again.
  • To shorten vaccine distribution chains for faster and safer vaccination.
  • To save time and costs for the Covid-19 vaccination program.
  • To provide equal access to Covid-19 vaccines and tests.
  • To help countries to be ready for the next pandemic.
  • To scale up faster for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Our Cambri market research in Asia, North- & South America and Europe shows

What the people actually want

85% of the respondents find the AVC service attractive because they want to get vaccinated as fast as possible, and it allows them safer travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The highest willingness to use the AVC app service is amongst women who have children in developing countries.

82% of the respondents would be willing to travel for 30-45 minutes to a mass vaccination center if it speeds up their access to a vaccine.