About AVC

Airport Vaccination Center Oy is a Finnish company established in 2018. The company provides digital services for the air transportation-, travel- and health industries. Our services are provided internationally and the headquarters are in Finland and the Netherlands. The company is registered in Finland with a chamber of commerce code 2929201-9.

Our values

We treat everyone who works with us with the respect they are due and aim to help in any way we can through friendly, easy dialogue.

We understand air transportation, IT and global supply chain management at a professional level. Through years of practical experience, academic research and strategic thinking, we know what is happening today, and how to find the synergies that will compound their impact on the world’s health tomorrow.

We constantly aim to push our industry forward, both in terms of the technology and processes it uses, but also in terms of the potential ways in which aviation can help the world. We are at the forefront of change.

Open up the world again

The Corona pandemic has changed our lives drastically, also mine. The idea of the Airport Vaccination Center came from my own painful experience. I am living in Finland, but my children live in the Netherlands. For more than a year, I have not been able to see them.

It has been frustrating. It felt like being in jail. Then, one evening while taking a sauna I had a “eureka” moment. “What if people could come to get the vaccine instead of the vaccine coming to them?!”

For more than 20 years I have worked in Airport logistics managing large groups of people and cargo going to airports for flights and planning international air cargo ”cool-chain” logistics across borders. With this background, we were able to create from an idea into a patent. Now, the AVC Platform and App helps to relieve people from the pain Corona has caused and provides people all over the world an equal access to get the vaccine. 

Airport Vaccination Center solution is a ”hybrid EXIT strategy” and a blueprint for governments and health organizations to exit the pandemic faster and save massive costs related to corona pandemic.

“I wish that all people in the world could reunite with their family and loved ones. Therefore, I encourage you to contact us for a product demo”.

Marko Kauppinen, CEO and Founder of AVC

Aviation logistics & Design

Marko and Chris combine their knowledge and expertise of Aviation Logistics and Service Design to build a unique digital solution to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Their dream is to provide equal access to vaccines on a global scale. They have written a patent for the solution and have designed and developed a SaaS platform with their partners. Now they are working to roll out the solution for countries that have the greatest need.

The brains behind AVC

The founders

Marko Kauppinen

Airport Logistics expert, CEO & founder of Airport Vaccination Center

“My dream now is to open up the world again and see my kids after a year of Corona lockdown and isolation”

Marko Kauppinen is a passionate aviation professional with a unique set of skills in airport logistics and IT. For the past 21 years, he has worked in International Airline and Airport digital projects managing large Passenger groups, Baggage, and Air Cargo through an international hub of airports.

Marko is committed to using his Air Cargo (vaccination cool-chain) logistical skills to create innovative technologies together with his partners to make this vision come true. “I encourage my fellow aviation colleagues to join this massive challenge”.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marko-kauppinen-aviation/

Chris Rawlings

Chief Design Officer / Founding partner of AVC

“Less is more”

Chris is a talented Canadian Designer with over 20 years of experience in the fields of UX Design, Service Design and Product Design. His passion is solving complex service problems into delightful experiences that help people. Chris has managed large design teams and projects, designed services and products for companies like Samsung, Nokia, Intel, LG, TCL, Warner Brothers, Reliance Jio, and Posti.

Chris is excited to join AVC to design a service that could provide millions of people equal access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisrawlingscom/

Who make the magic happen?

Our team

Marko Kauppinen

Airport Logistics expert, CEO & founder of Airport Vaccination Center

Chris Rawlings

Chief Design Officer / Founding partner of AVC


Operations, Airport, Aviation data


Innovations, Technology at Siili Oyj (AVC's IT partner)


Managing Partner / Owner at ARC Gmbh (AVC's implementation partner)


Investor relations





Who help us accomplish our vision?

Our partners

Siili Solutions Oyj

Siili Solutions Oyj is one of the Finnish information technology (IT) sector leaders with 800 experts who generated 83 MEUR in 2020. Headquartered in Helsinki with 14 offices in Finland and central Europe the company offers its customers software technology and information management. It provides software engineering services in such areas as websites, digital services, customer portals and tailored managed services in the Cloud. Siili Solutions Oyj is listed on the Helsinki stock exchange. More info at www.siili.com


ARC (Airport Research Center) is a global provider of professional airport and aviation consultancy, featuring airport planning and decision support services. With the CAST airport software and solutions powered by CAST, the company offers world-leading services that facilitate the optimization of airport investments and the reduction of operational costs. Headquartered in Aachen, Germany, the company is privately held and with some 50 experts dedicated to the ongoing development of the air transportation industry. More info at www.arc.de