Hello world!

October 7, 2021

My name is Marko Kauppinen, the founder and CEO of the Airport Vaccination Center (AVC).  My home is in Finland, but my children live in the Netherlands. Due to corona I could not see them for more than a year. It was frustrating and I felt like being in jail. Coming from the Air Cargo & passenger IT industry I started thinking, is there something I can do to help the situation. Then, one evening while taking a sauna I had a “eureka” moment: “What if people could come to get their vaccine instead of the vaccine coming to them?!”

The scientists of the pharmaceutical manufacturers have made history by finding a cure to the COVID-19 virus in a record time. We, the professionals from the air transportation- and cross-border logistics industry have managed large groups of people and medicines in an out of the airports for decades. Ever since 2020 the public health organisations have tried to solve the pandemic by distributing vaccines and tests locally, even though it is a global problem. To solve this global problem we have put together an international team of professionals, called the AVC team.

Starting here in Finland we have created an innovative and a breakthrough solution, which is a method and a system to connect people’s need for corona vaccinations with vaccine manufacturers global roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines to major airports around the world. We made a patent, raised funds and developed the concept with IT and airport logistics professionals from the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Canada.

According to our Amsterdam-based partner university’s research, a country implementing this vaccine distribution method with our digital apps and -platform will be free from corona 3 to 6 months faster. Of course, the actual speed depends on country’s own national COVID vaccination campaign strategy and how well they implement a hybrid strategy with us. However experiences from industrial batch manufacturing and hub-network logistics so called Just-In-Time method has proven to significantly reduce time-to-market and distribution costs.

With this opening blog we would like to welcome you to discuss and discover how our concept will help your country and your people. We are committed to help your country to open up faster from the current restrictions and to get rid of the COVID-19 disease faster, to allow people to travel safely again and to meet their loved ones. This is your first step towards that dream.