Partnership announcements with 9Lives & Medipulssi

August 12, 2022

We are excited to announce new partnerships with and Both medical companies provide Covid-19 testing for travellers at 29 different locations in Finland. The partnerships enables our platform to provide medical service coverage for all of Finland. For instance, Travellers can book and pay for Covid-19 tests in Lapland before they head back to their home country via Helsinki Airport.

We have rolled out Covid-19 testing in 29 cities and the rest of the country in just a couple of weeks. Both companies also offer travellers TBE vaccinations, Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine is used to prevent tick-borne encephalitis. The disease is most common in Central and Eastern Europe, and Northern Asia.

Join us in congratulating AVC / Test2Travel CEO, Marko Kauppinen and 9Lives Business Director, Henrik Tuulos and Medipulsi Business Director, Mohamed Mohamud Husseinon this great partnership. 👏
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