Features of the AVC app


Customer specific features

Every customer has different requirements for their vaccination programs. The AVC platform can be tailored for your specific situation. Health information, user data, personal identification requirements, and localization are different in every country. Therefore our platform features can be adapted to meet the requirements of each customer, regardless of the country.

Here are some of the customizable features: 

  • Health information compliance per country
  • Localization of Platform and App
  • Document verification for IDs, Passports, Social Insurance Numbers
  • Identify and selfie check & Identity Data autofill
  • Appointment bookings, Reschedules & cancelation
  • Location filter
  • Payments & Refunds
  • Management of vaccines, test supplies & types
  • Multi-city rollout programs
  • Air cargo and cold-chain data integration
  • IATA travel pass integration
  • Flight information integration
  • Email verification
  • Federated ID, SSO
  • Health-check
  • Antigen / PCR support
  • Self-check-in

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About the App

The App is the customer facing solution for user verification, booking vaccination or test appointments, check-ins and access to health information.