Why vaccinating the whole world is so important

October 25, 2021

In many countries a big percentage of people have already gotten the chance to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, in developing countries this is not the case yet. Millions of people are still waiting for their first vaccination. Developing countries might be a long way away geographically, but their citizens getting vaccinated is of utmost importance to the rest of the world. And here is why.


The virus can change

Like the president of the United States Joe Biden said: “To stop COVID in the USA we must stop COVID in the whole world.” As long as the pandemic is out of control in other countries, the consequences will affect all of us.

Like all viruses, COVID-19 can mutate. The mutations start very small and don’t change a lot at first. But sometimes the virus changes to the degree that people get more sick, the virus spreads faster, it becomes more dangerous and cannot be treated with the current vaccines. This would mean that countries already mostly vaccinated are at risk. Again.

Vaccines are distributed unevenly and unfairly

As mentioned before, in many countries most citizens are already vaccinated. For example, in the USA over 65% have had at least one shot and in Europe it’s 58%. Unfortunately the poor countries are at a mere 2,3% of people that have gotten their first vaccination. This has to do with money, politics and bilateral agreements. For example, in the beginning of this pandemic rich nations bought 2 to 3 times more vaccinations than their population sizes.

Not only that, but distributing leftover vaccines to poor nations is not easy. With the help of cold-chain storage and technology the vaccines can be transported safely. But this process costs a lot of money and effort to distribute vaccinations to remote villages and urban areas.

Fixing the unfair distribution

At Airport Vaccination Center we want to contribute to the solution of unfair access to vaccines. Our innovative digital solution cuts the last mile delivery to remote villages. It provides people desperately seeking vaccines equal access at local clinics or airports. By working together we can help vaccinate more citizens of poor nations.

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